Power Supply Distribution Kit

Quite a simple accessory kit, the Power Rail Distribution Kit is designed to allow you to share your up to 3 rails around your system. They are deemed V+, GND, V-, but could be any rails, such as 5V, 3V3 and GND.

It does not generate the power rails - you'll need a separate power supply such as the Uber power supply (sold separately) for that, but once you've generated the supplies, it can be used to share the rails.

All the +'ve pins are connected, as are the -'ve and GND.
Painfully simple, but very useful.

The kit contains:

 Quantity Description
3 Power Supply Distribution boards
3 40 pin headers, easily snapped down using a power snapper (sold separately)
12 12mm M3 plastic standoffs
24 M3 5mm Machine Screws
12 Screw Insulator Pads


A printable footprint for the boards can be downloaded from here
lease ensure that you print it out in 1:1 ratio. It was originally designed for USA Letter Size paper, not A4!