- Shipping Cost
Shipping cost is calculated on checkout, once you have input your paypal details.
Orders are packed and shipped by a third party also based in Dallas, TX.
Shipping costs are the US Postal Service Cost, plus a small fee to the third party shipping service. Expat Audio makes no profit from your shipping costs.
Shipping costs are divided as follows (as a guide)
  • USA - Small Flat Rate Box $12.00
  • USA - Medium Flat Rate Box $18.00
  • Rest of World - First Class International Parcel (up to 0.5lb's) $16.95
  • Rest of World - Small Flat Rate Box (up to 4lb's) $31.95
- Shipping Fulfillment
Orders are packed and shipped by a third party also based in Dallas, TX. They are FAST (often shipping within minutes or order completion during business hours).
As such, changes to orders will not be accepted once they are shipped.
- Tracking
Tracking is available on most order, however international orders will only be tracked to the last point in the USA before it jumps on an aircraft to Europe etc. Most of the time, the last point in the USA is Chicago. Once the order is logged in Chicago, it's safe to assume that the parcel is now in your home country, trying to make it's way through your local customs/post office.
- Shipping delays
Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery in the USA, once you receive notification from Expat Audio that your order has shipped. Most orders take 3 or 4 days.
For International orders, please allow up to 6 weeks. Some orders to Italy and Germany have taken up to 6 weeks. Once the order leaves our shipping company, there is little we can do to "speed up" delivery, or track beyond Chicago.
- Order Addresses
PLEASE make sure this is correct in your order for the shopping cart. If you use Paypal Express, please make sure your paypal shipping address is correct. The shipping fulfillment company only gets your order from this website. They have no access to extra emails or paypal notices.
- Telephone Numbers
ALL International Orders require your telephone number (for Customs Forms). We cannot ship without this. (we will try with your email, if the customs website allows it).
- Customs Declarations
Requests to modify item values on international customs forms will not be honored. While some vendors in DIY will do so, it is fraudulent, and subject to law in the US. Sorry -- We all hate import taxes :(   -- don't forget that if your building your product for your business, you can claim the import tax back in most countries! (hint hint)
- Questions
Any questions can be sent to us at questions@expataudio.com