Uber Power Supply PCB

The Expat Audio Uber Power Supply (… a project name that stuck…) is a power supply designed for DIY Pro Audio systems including Microphone Preamps, Audio Compressors/Limiters and others that require a Bipolar power supply, along with a 48V Phantom supply (Optional). 

What's in the box?
An unpopulated PCB
What else do I need to buy?
All other components. Bill of Materials below.

A Mouser Bill Of Materials is available from here.

The Uber PSU is an extension to the popular CRC board, using some of it’s functionality to create a more universal power supply, along with a full bridge Cockroft Walton voltage generator for generating a low noise Phantom supply.

Additionally, a variety of input transformers can be used with the board, without too much concern regarding power dissipation in the voltage regulators used. The reason for this is that high wattage resistors can be used to dissipate some of the excess voltage, as well as filter out some of the high frequency noise on the incoming power supply.

An Excel file is also in this zip file for use in calculating the optimal value and size of the resistor required.http://www.expataudio.com/diy/uberpsu/Expat%20PSU%20calculator.xls

The manual can be downloaded here:


A Mouser bill of materials can be used to order parts directory from here