Hello Folks,

Expat Audio has existed for the last few years, simply shipping PCB's that folks would buy and install parts themselves. Moving forward, that will change somewhat.

This week saw the first INA163 Mic Pre boards come back from the fab, get thrown on our pick and place machine and assembled here in Dallas Texas, then tested and pushed to their limits in Orlando, Florida.

(In the picture; 1x Uber Power Supply, 4x INA163 boards)

These boards are expected to be available in the next few weeks - PCB's and Solder Paste Stencils have been ordered.

In short, prototype boards are getting 0.0002% THD up to almost 70dB of gain (wooohooo!). Combined with the Uber Power Supply, Mic Pre FE and 3 button mic controller boards, audio DIY'ers can really get ultra high performance, for little money.

Expat Audio will continue selling the traditional GSSL mod's moving forward, but will look to integrate more and more module based products (assembled AND tested!) into the product line... helping audio DIY'ers get to a final product faster and easier. (and focus on the rest of the signal chain!)

Stay tuned for more details!



Written by Dafydd Roche — September 30, 2012