Hello folks, Rochey here. 

Despite a lack of new products recently, development continues when possible. Typical tools we use for development include:

  • Cadsoft Eagle 5.11 (Schem and Layout)
  • TI Tina (simulation)
  • TI Code Composer Studio for MSP430
  • Arduino / Energia
  • Goldwave (arbritary audio recording and capture)

Anyway, one of the pains of my life are creating new libraries for new components to be used in Cadsoft Eagle. I used to provide a service to make them for other people, but I've found over the years that as my day job has become more time consuming, and a 4 year old in the family, my spare time to development has been reduced.

As a consequence, I started looking for others to make libraries for me. I quick look over at fiverr.com, and in between all the people willing to make graphics for me, I found a supplier who'll make libraries for $5! (https://www.fiverr.com/mochini77) 

His work is excellent, and he delivers a quality library very quickly. However, it did make me think about what I really want in a library, in terms of the meta-data. A good library provides more than just the basics for schematic and layout. So, without further ado, here's my "I want this" list.


  • Links to the datasheet
  • Full part number (including package suffix) that get's exported to BOM tools easily
  • Source of footprint data (e.g. datasheet? Jedec standard?)
  • Version control with revision data (e.g. V1.1 - Updated pad width due to manufacturing issues)
  • Devices with multiple control methods (I2C/SPI/Hardware) should have different schematic view diagrams

All the data comes together from the Library description, Footprint Description and Device Description to create a view that looks something like this:

Expat Audio Library Template

 In addition, the library itself has the whole family of devices, and their various control methods as separate devices.

You can download our template for Eagle 5.11 at: Expat Audio Eagle 5.11 Template

A PDF of basic presentation showing each step can be downloaded at: Expat Audio Library Template Specification

Discussion and commentry are welcome on our Facebook page, in the thread pointing to this blog post!


Written by Dafydd Roche — January 22, 2016


Jack Orman:


I also add my initials to the description of every part that I create, which makes it easy to just pull up my custom footprints.

regards, Jack

January 22 2016 at 01:01 PM

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